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Shake well. To finish and texturize your look, spray into mid lengths and ends. To refresh your style, spray directly into roots. Provides great texture and airy volume. Creates a textured finish. Absorbs oil at the roots. A great alternative to dry shampoo. Ideal as a base for second day styles. Allows quick & easy reshape of your style any time you want.


    • Natural Derived Silica - absorbs oil at the roots, leaving hair fresher & beautifully styled. 
    • VP/VA Copolymer - in combination with Silica provides textured hold and airy volume.
    • Peppermint - known to be a free radical scavenger and antioxidant. 
    • Grape Seed Oil - known for its high content of vitamin E, it works as a natural sealant to keep moisture in the hair.
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