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For all hair types and lengths. Melt a smal amount in your hands for perfect distribution. Work through towel-dried or dry hair. 84% of ingredients are of natural origin. Provides control, definition and matte-textured finish. Adds long-lasting hold without stiffness. Free from sulfates, silicones, micro plastics, mineral oils, dyes/artificial colourants.


    • Hydrolyzed Corn Starch - natural styling polymer that provides long-lasting hold without stiffness & protects against humidity.
    • Carnuba Wax - natural plant wax that helps to provide hold & texture and to seal in poisture and protect against dryness.
    • Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil - naturally derived emollient.
    • Moringa Seed Oil - known for being a rich source of anti-oxidants and providing hair hydration and protection against environmental pollutants. ECOCERT certified. 
    • Oat Oil - known for its gentle and soothing properties that help to maintain the scalp's natural balance. ECOCERT certified.
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