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Ideal for medium to fine hair. Shake very well. Section hair and spray onto roots. Leave it for 30 seconds then brush it through to activate cleansing. Blow dry or towel dry. 96.8% of ingredients are of natural origin and 98% biodegradable. A power cleanse and refreshment for hair and scalp without white residues. Absorbs oils, removes styling residues and environmental pollutants and neutralizes odors. Provides weightless hydration for hair and scalp. Free from: sulfates, silicones, micro plastics, mineral oils, dyes/artificial colourants, animal derived ingredients. 


    • Bentonite - natural clay gently purifies hair by absorbing pollutants and oils.
    • Moringa Seed Oil - known for providing hair hydration and for protecting hair & scalp from environmental pollutants. Further, it is known for being a rich natural source of anti-oxidants. ECOCERT certified. 
    • Oat Oil - known for its gentle and soothing properties that help to maintain the scalp's natural balance. ECOCERT certified. 
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