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For fine to medium, limp hair. Best applied in towel-dried hair. Blowdry, using your hands or a brush to shape the style. Use instead of a powder at the roots for exceptional volume, for easy spreadability and no dust. Creates massive fullness without the mess of a powder. Provides up to 100% more volume and stability at the roots. You can re-shape your look with your hands throughout the day.


    • Volumizing Re-bonding Polymers - for a "velcro" effect.
    • Peg/PPG 2000/200 Copolymer and AA/S/A Copolymer - combination of volumizing and re-bonding styling polymers that provide a "velcro" effect.
    • Eucalyptus & Cinnamon - are known for helping to provide fullness and body. Organically cultivated. 
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